Monday, October 19, 2009

Back again and I wish it was somehow related, but good luck anyway

We're back in Children's Hospital. Ella's fever spiked around 103.5°F yesterday afternoon and she was projectile vomiting like Jack used to before his heart surgery. Add a little general fussiness and we decided it was time to make a run to the hospital for the UTI tests. Amanda had a gut feeling this was going to be another UTI and took Ella straight to Children's Hospital instead of going to closer-by Littleton Hospital.

After a brief wait in a waiting room full of rudely, coughing children and their parents, Amanda and Ella were taken back to a room for further examination and testing. Ella got another IV line and the tests came back with a very elevated white blood cell count and indications she did in fact have another UTI. They've re-admitted her and have been battling her fever all night. It's being persistent (at one point it was over 104°F). Urology has been contacted and we expect to see them today at some point. We also expect, based on our last visit, that they'll be recommending and scheduling her surgery this time.

I received word this morning that there is a young Australian sailor named Jessica Watson that set sail yesterday afternoon in an attempt to sail the globe solo. Jessica is 16 which makes the story interesting in its own right, but what caught our attention was the fact that her boat is bright pink and has "ella" all over it.

(Click the image for the full-story)

I wish I could say we knew Jessica Watson or that she had "ella" on her boat in honor of our little girl, but truthfully this is the first I've heard of Jessica Watson (thanks, Alan) and her pink boat named "ella's pink lady." We wish Jessica the very best of luck on her journey and hope that it is as successful and uneventful as we hope our Ella's upcoming treatment to be.

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