Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The lottery you don't want to win

Ella Kate has been discharged from the Children's Hospital today. Yay! Yet, as always, good news for Ella is almost always tempered with something less positive.

The bacteria cultures came back today and showed that the bacteria from the UTI that hospitalized her less than two weeks ago was not the same bacteria as what brought us back this time. In fact, the bacteria she had this time is an extremely virulent type that responds to only two different antibiotics. The good news? One of the two antibiotics that this particular bacteria responds to is the one the hospital started her on yesterday. Yay!

Dr. Campbell, the urologist not the cardiologist, finally stopped by to see Ella today and declared her able to go home, but said he because she got this strain of bacteria he expects to see her back again within a couple of months and that if that happens he will definitely recommend we proceed with the surgery at that time. We're hoping for the best and that this course of antibiotics and the new one they've prescribed as a prophylactic will keep her happy and healthy enough to get through the year, but he's not holding his breath.

It's her smile that helps. She's such a good natured baby. The nurses and staff at Children's Hospital were happy Ella was able to go home today, but were also sad to see her go. She brightens up every room she's in.

So it's back home we go. Back to having our whole family under one roof. Back to hoping we can keep our beautiful little girl healthy for as long as possible.

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