Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Life, Take Three

When Ella was born, we said it was the start of our new lives. And then our new life was interrupted by heart surgery. A month later as we left the hospital, we said it was the start of our lives, take two. Our new life was again interrupted with the VUR diagnosis and as we waited on pins and needles for the time Ella needed to have surgery to repair the VUR.

Well, we finally had the surgery yesterday and when Ella's surgeon came out of surgery to tell us how the surgery went, he said it went by the book. Aside from the catheter, IV in her leg, and the bandaged incision, you would never know Ella had just had surgery from her demeanor. She was just as giggly and full of smiles as ever yesterday.

This morning, the catheter and IV have been removed, Ella acts as if she hasn't had surgery at all. She's as playful and happy as ever. We're just waiting now on the discharge orders while Ella naps.

Leaving today, we're starting our new lives again.... take three.

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